Consulting for Pharma Bussines

1. Presentation of the business idea

2. Business project

3. 5-year business plan

  • Calculation of capital investments (CAPEX)
  • Calculation of operational costs until validation and licensing (Pre process OPEX)
  • Calculation of operational costs in production (OPEX)
  • COGS calculation
  • EBITDA calculation
  • Investment justification
  • SWOT Analysis

4. Market Analysis with a 3-year forecast

5. Establishing a company

  • Establishing a start-up team

6. Establishment of a process of industrial production of cannabis for medicinal purposes according to EU GMP and WHO GMP guidelines

  1. Choosing a construction site
  2. Designing a production plant
  3. Facility Tuning
  4. Validation of functionality of the object
  5. Implementation of an industrial cannabis cultivation process
  6. Cannabis extraction and API production
  7. Formulation of products
  8. Production of formulated products (tinctures, ointments, creams, capsules…)
  9. Quality control (laboratory for quality control and creation of product stability for different World zones according to WHO guidelines, implementation of ISO 17025 and EU GMP standards
  10. Creation of all necessary SOPs for process validation and licensing
  11. HR process of staff selection
  12. Headhunting
  13. Training of personnel to establish the processes

7. Establishing company and facility security at all levels

8. Establishing communication with well-known Biotech companies for the research of new and established cannabis formulations for medical purposes based on scientific research

9. Establishing and organization of the R&D Department

10. Establishing communication with state authorities and regulatory bodies

11. Penetrating and establishing markets worldwide:

  1. Existing markets in Europe, Australia, South America, West Asia, SA
  2. New markets such as the Middle East and North and West Africa

12. Establishing an education process involving renowned scientists in the field of medicinal cannabis use in various fields and diseases • Organizing congresses for the education of doctors • Licensing of doctors to prescribe cannabis products for medical purposes

13. Mediation with banks, credit lines, and investors

14. Opinion on the success of already established production processes, duration of success and assessment of the established processes, justification of investment (for investors and banks)

15. Creation of Risk Management of the start-up business or already established processes (business analysis)

16. Opinion on the successful establishment of standards and regulations in accordance with the existing regulations of the domicile legislation (for regulatory bodies and state administration)

17. Detecting and correcting anomalies and deficiencies made in the construction process or establishing a successful production process for licensing and sales (existing non-functional facilities and companies)